My translation of JOY

Self-care for me today was looking at JOY just a little differently, and relating it to my self-care journey. JOY spells out for me: Just Open Yourself. Cause I open myself to new thrills, beauties, feelings & experiences, new creations, new ideas, even new little moves forward as I step into new habits for myself as I pay more attention to my self-care, at every level.

It’s a slow mindful process, it’s a pause & reflect attitude, it’s a say “no” to outside voices, but most of all it’s a quiet “checking in” at every bend or turn, and a realization that it’s all good because I’m accepting all of me, whatever stage I’m at. This year is leading me to a better version of myself and I feel so excited to be learning new things because I’m paying attention to my self-care.

So I’m asking myself today, how can I practice more J.O.Y.? What does it mean to leave myself open to the new? And what benefits do I get from doing this? Just thinking about it, brings up oodles of examples of times I left myself open to what I needed, whether it was something tangible or intangible, and how that never failed to welcome in more joy and fulfillment, even new creative ideas for my art.