Self-care Unique to You

Before I start posting some of my own creative journey experiences through self-care, I wanted to reiterate the fact that self-care is so vast, depending on how we look at it, how we feel, what we are experiencing… When I start thinking about self-care, I realize that it really affects every part of my life – whether it be more practical and physical, related to my health or fitness, or whether it be more emotional, mental or spiritual – and those parts of my life actually also affect my self-care.

Yes, it has to do with our feelings, our mindsets and thought patterns as well as our habits and the actions that we take, the things we do or don’t do. In saying that, I realize that there are so many things that make us uniquely us and that’s also a part of self-care, being aware of that and being accepting of ourselves exactly where we’re at. I’m not sharing my journey and lessons with you here so that you feel overwhelmed or like you have to do what I do. Not at all! On the contrary. I’m sharing parts of my journey here so that you can feel encouraged that you are probably already doing many things that you never thought were self-care at all.

Plus I realize and want to re-emphasize that it will look very different for each one of us, with our different situations, lifestyles, personalities, character traits, things we love and that make us feel fulfilled and true to us. So that’s something to keep in mind as you continue to read and explore my little blog posts on this topic. And I even notice how differently self-care plays out for me day by day. One day I may be paying more attention to one aspect of my life, on another day I may be more sensitive to a different area so therefore see my self-care very differently too. But that’s what makes this journey totally exciting and awesome. I feel like I’m on this adventure or quest, figuring out and finding clues to what I need to make me the best version of me, living with the most intention and experiencing the most happiness and fulfillment as I practice and include a little more self-care and self-love into every aspect of my life.

And I leave myself open to each day’s little self-care surprise as I welcome in what I really need at the moment. So stay real, stay true to you, even as you follow me on this self-care journey. Some posts may even trigger some questions that you’d want to ask yourself, so that in turn you get to personalize it to just you.

I’m so enjoying being on this self-care journey alongside you.