About me

About me

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Agnes de Bezenac

I was born in France and now live in a little countryside village in Alsace, France, with my husband and two children.

I lived abroad most of my life, soaking up a variety of experiences and adventures around the world, which have enriched my life with culture, ethnicity, languages, and more.

My earliest memories as a child include drawing, especially portraits and flowers. As the years passed, my passion for art flourished and I have now illustrated many children’s books and taught art for kids since 1999. Today, art is still one of my joys.

Returning to live in Alsace in 2011, and being surrounded by its beauty, charm, architecture, and culture, has inspired me to express it through art. I am reliving a small glimpse of what my grandfather experienced as he painted Alsatian villages and portraits. And through sketching, drawing, and coloring in my whimsical style, I am learning to depict some of the wonders of my surroundings.

More recently, I’ve been on a journey of self-care as I explore combining my love for art with the need for physical and emotional well-being. I’ve experienced the positive results of paying attention to my health through a mindful way of living. 

That’s why I’ve created some courses on this topic as well, realizing that many of us could improve in taking care of ourselves, and as a result have a greater impact on others, and most of all feel a renewed sense of  joy and peace.

If you’d like to join me on this journey of art, I welcome you to follow me on Instagram.

Or if you need some original art for your project, I look forward to connecting with you.