I'm an artist,

happy to share some of my creativity.

I love all things

art, nature, crafts, self-care and well-being.

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My self-care affirmations box

A Self-Care Affirmations Box

Self-care for me today was creating a little affirmation box for myself. I labeled each tiny drawer as one aspect of my self-care. Mental, emotional, spiritual, practical, physical, professional, social.

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Self-care wishes granted

Self-Care Wishes Granted

Self-care for me today was allowing myself time to do a little office make-over. Yay, now getting to actually “animate” my doodles from the other day. Not a grandiose/expensive one

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Doodles for Self-care

Doodles for Self-Care

Self-care for me today was doodling in my journal about those things I love or wish for, for my office. I want it to match the new me I’m evolving

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