High-heels for my Self-care

What do high-heels and Self-care have in common?

Well, self-care for me today was wearing a pair of high heels that I never wore before. I’ve been saving them for a “more important” occasion, or for “the perfect” event, and they’ve been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. So I made today that important occasion and that perfect event, because I decided so.

That’s a strange thing to relate to self-care, I know. Well, I love word pictures or visualizations, object lessons, whatever you want to call it. I’m a kid at heart, as you can see, or maybe I’m just an artist that loves to imagine. Anyway, I sat down and just thought about it some… after wearing those most beautiful heels. It’s true, self-care is like those heels… They lifted me up higher than I thought I could go, as they built me up in confidence. Because who doesn’t look great with a pair of high heels? At least they make ME feel tall and slim and beautiful… Taking care of me at every level, whether it be emotional, practical, mental or spiritual is kind of like putting on those heels. It adds to that level of sophistication.

Part of the dressing/preparing for the day process is deciding on what shoes to wear. Depending on the clothes I’m wearing, what I’m doing, where I’m going, even my mood or the style I feel like…. I take such care to pick out my clothes and shoes for the day, but how often do I ask myself about my self-care practices? Like, which area do I want to focus on today? What do I really need right now? Or which “pair of heels” would add that extra touch of beauty & character to my outfit/my day/to ME? I can pay attention to the height, the shape, size & color of self-care too. Every detail is important to me. I get quiet and listen to my intuition.

And tody it’s telling me to wear those beautiful high heels, and show them off proudly. To feel the confidence, feel the growth, the strength, the superiority, not in a “I’m better than everyone else” sort of way, but in a certain, assertive and poised sort of way, being willing to show myself off, the authentic me. I don’t need to ask permission to make a certain day or event “the special one” so that I get to wear “my special outfit”. No, I just go for it and DO IT!

I need (I mean, I WANT) a little more of that in my life, a little more spontaneity or craziness, a little more wildfire or freedom to be myself… I decided that it’s a big part of my self-care. Cause why not? Self-care doesn’t always have to be totally planned out or scheduled to be perfect. I take and deal with what comes and I enjoy it to the full.

I’ve grown in height, heehee (cheating with these heels) but I’ve also grown in confidence – they make me feel real good and beautiful. Self-care does that to an even higher degree.