Self-care Consumed

Self-care for me today was the realization that I’m all “self-care” consumed these days, and that’s okay. Any new vocabulary word or new piece of art I create, new idea or inspiration, any added piece of décor to my space, anything I read or fill up on, I ask myself subconsciously, “Does it fit in to my self-care?” or “How does it tie in to my self-care?” I’m “selfishly” making time for my self-care, and that’s a good thing for me. Finally! But I never thought I could ever bring myself to say that.

But I feel really great! And the more consumed & into it I get, the more I feel nourished and excited about life, the more I feel I’m important and of value, the more I figure out what are those things that replenish me, the more I dig in to all that good stuff. And in the end, the more I have to give from my overflows. It’s not anymore wringing out every drop of sacrifice or generosity that I can muster up. It’s not giving and serving and doing until I’m “dead”. Now I get to give from a place of plenty and abundance, from a heart filled with joy. A body and soul nourished with love and compassion.

Self-care, is my unlimited resource of love, joy & beauty. The more time, reflection, play, creativity, meditation and expression that I give it, the more peace, excitement, fulfillment, satisfaction, gentleness, & delight I feel in return. And the more I have of it to share with others. I don’t have to try too hard to do anything, sometimes the very best is even to do nothing at all, but to pause & let all those heart expressions come out in some way. The more I let go, the more I let the light in. The more I release, the more clarity I have to focus on all the beautiful & wonderful things that self-care has to offer me. Self-care is freedom & enlightening. Self-care is an exciting journey I’m on at this point in my life. The best thing that could have happened to me.