Why the need for self-care?

So yes, I left off last time with my little secret, of what happened next…
What came next was a slow and steady recovery process. This is what I’ll be sharing here on this blog and all my posts to come.

Some of my realizations, discoveries about myself, the ups and downs of this journey. Lessons I’ve learned, inner work practices, some difficulties and challenges, as well as happy moments. Letting go of things that didn’t serve me anymore, and welcoming in what I really wanted in my life! (This is a continual process, by the way!)

If I could sum it all up in one word it would have to be SELF-CARE. Yes, I’m finally paying attention to this part of my life that I never took the time for before. It was selfish or a waste of time, it was conceited and I felt guilty taking time for myself and not doing everything for everyone else… but sad to say, that’s why I ended up in the state I did. If more of us took time to love ourselves by giving ourselves permission to take better care of ourselves, to give ourselves more time and attention, not only would it change our own lives, like it has for me, and many many other’s as well, but it would help to make this world a better place too. Cause we’ll be coming from a place of peace and love and joy, instead of fear, worry or stress. Who wants to be with a person like that anyway? Today, I can’t afford NOT to take this time of SELF-CARE and I want to encourage you that you can feel that way too.

If this can speak to anyone, or encourage you along your journey through a creative block as an artist, or if you’re going through a low time in your life, please read on. Cause maybe they’ll be something here for you, that will spark your attention or give you a few ideas, hacks or inspirations to start doing some things and stop doing other things as you join the band-wagon of Self-care.

I’ll be sharing some of my morning journals as well as my daily self-care logs, some craft projects I do, some reflections, etc. Because since I’ve decided that I will do at least one thing for my self-care each day, whether I have time or not, I’m MAKING the time. And writing about it here and sharing it with you is motivating me to keep at it, haha. So thanks for being my support group and my accountability.

My self-care each day is so varied and different. Some days might be more of a physical thing I do for my health and fitness, other days maybe something more emotionally, spiritually or mentally nourishing for myself. And of course I always include some creativity in there somewhere. That’s a big part of me and who I am, so I’m paying attention to that too, including it into my self-care routines.

Alrighty, let’s get started! I’ll see you in my next blog post.