Self-Care Wishes Granted

Self-care for me today was allowing myself time to do a little office make-over. Yay, now getting to actually “animate” my doodles from the other day. Not a grandiose/expensive one renovation, but a “looking around my house & picking out what I didn’t use anymore in certain spaces” type of make-over.

I didn’t actually buy anything, but transformed my space into my very favorite room of the house, using pieces that were useful & beautiful, trying out a new color palette that I’ve unconsciously been wishing for, for quite some time now.

All my self-care wishes come true today, translated into a cozy/ beautiful and practical office space, now called “my art studio”, my new little haven of peace & joy. I love it! Still plenty of room for evolving and changing and improving, but it feels so great to have started it.

I realized the magical experience of seeing it in my mind first, and letting myself imagine and wish away. It didn’t stop there, cause then I doodled a whole page about what I would love to have. It’s like I imagined myself already there. And one short week later, poof! A little piece of magic happened. Well, I did need to schedule in the time to make it happen. Magic needs our help too, I think. We need to be in the right place at the right time, feeling and thinking the right way… I did do some planning, moving and lifting heavy things around (with dear husband’s help, heehee), cleaning and dusting and decluttering as I went. A few screws needed screwing in, a few holes patched up, a few picture frames fixed, etc. It didn’t just all happen in one swell “POOF!”

Self-care does require work and tender loving care for ourselves. But the benefits far, far outweigh staying the same, or leaving it as it was. My self-care needs some switching around for new inspiration, especially in my work and art expression area. My heart actually craves the new, the different, the challenge, and now I’m just smiling as I sit on my couch and take in the wonder of it all! It doesn’t take too much to please me.