Make today not just “any other day”!

Self-care for me today was putting on some nail-polish. I do this very rarely, I don’t like it for every day use, lots of chemicals and all. But today was not just “any day”. Today was ME day. Self-care treat day, where I could go above & beyond in my physical Self-care, not just going w/ the motions of my usual routines… So, I let the fun in, by adding spark & color & beauty & “look at me” sort of confidence. Every time I noticed my bright red nails I was reminded of my Self-care, that I am of value & deserving of this. And who would have thought that a tiny detail like that could have such an affect on me today?

So if you too would like an extra little treat for your self-care today, a start would be to reflect on a few questions. Asking myself questions is actually one of my self-care practices. I read something and it inspires a question and I never fail to somehow relate it to my self-care. In case you’d like to try this for your “special treat” today, here are 5 questions for you to get started with:

1. What have I done for my self-care this past week?

2. What have I done for my self-care today?

3. How can I go above and beyond in one aspect of my self-care today?

4. What is something I’m about to start that’s new and different?

5. How would I describe this “season” of my life?