Delightful self-care pleasures

Self-care for me today was trying out a new recipe for my no-lectin meal plan. I let it happen, I let it be, without feeling selfish or guilty that it wasn’t making it for the rest of my family. I cook them different “special meals”, but once in a while I know I need to treat myself to something special too, that’s when I really find pleasure & joy from tasting all the different flavors & savoring new smells & textures, playing around with new flours, spices and herbs.

All these senses are working on my behalf to keep me motivated & excited about paying attention to my self-care. I’m worthy of these small tasty treats & the process of imagining it, experimenting & creating it, is just as enjoyable. My self-care says so.

Lately I’ve been making coconut cream, coffee and chocolate pieces ice-creams for myself. Yes, it may sound a little spoiled and decadent, but that’s part of self-care, treating myself to this self-love and pleasure-full moment. Spending 10 extra minutes in the kitchen each week, to enjoy a 10 minute extraordinary cold ice-cream experience is not asking for a whole lot, is it? But it sure is satisfying. So what is is that one thing you can do today, that takes just 10 extra minutes, that can last a week-full of delight?